uDig - A GIS Framework for Eclipse

 uDig is an open source (LGPL) desktop application framework, built with Eclipse Rich Client (RCP) technology. POLYMAP3 uses the catalog system and UI elements of uDig. The key differences between uDig and POLYMAP3 are:

Multi-user / Server
  • POLYMAP runs on the server
  • all users accessing one instance, so...
  • ...we need authentication/authorization
  • ...we need data synchronization
  • ...user notification when data changes
  • ...
Web based
GeoServer integrated

As POLYMAP is a server the GeoServer can be integrated right into it. This allows to work an projects, amps and layers and provide those data via OGC services just in one step.


  • Session singleton vs. VM singleton. As a desktop app the uDig code depends on the VM singleton pattern. On the server we need seesion singletons.
  • No multi-user. There is no multi-user or change propagation concept in uDig.
  • Drag&Drop. The uDig code depends on DnD eclipse API at many places
  • Thread handling. There are a lot of places where threads are startet by many different ways inside the uDig code. Difficult to deal with in a session singleton environment because each thread needs an exlizit association to its session.

After lots of testing and learning we decided to use the catalog code of uDig and start with org.polymap.core.project? and org.polymap.core.operation from scratch.

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