Application domain support

This is work in progress!

The POLYMAP3 Workbench provides several basic means to organize, read and manipulate geospatial data. Besides those basic functions every application typically has its own domain model.



The design of domain specific applications often are based on two assumptions:

  • the domain model and functions are clearly defined
  • the domain model and functions are static

In almost all real world applications this is not true. Domain specific applications tend to evolve from the first day they are rolled out and used.

"Panta Rhei" means  everything flows. The name of this POLYMAP3 technology should remind the developers that things are floating end evolving and every assumption that things are clear and static are often lead to problems later on.

Basic feature handling

Feature table

  • header (handle several, persistent configurations)
  • sortable (handle several, persistent configurations)
  • filters


Application specific feature handling

This describes what are the possibilities to extends the basic features by application specific functions.

Details view

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