Building POLYMAP3 from Source

Eclipse IDE Version 3.5 or Version 3.6

1. Download Eclipse

If you don't have Eclipse installed you can do it by downloading Eclipse Helios for RAP developers from:

Note 1: You can use your existing Eclipse installation as long as it is Version 3.5 Galileo or Version 3.6 Helios and the Eclipse/RAP feature is installed.

Note 2: Later Eclipse Version (3.7 or 3.8) will work as long as Eclipse/RAP Version 1.3 is installed. By default Eclipse 3.7 comes with RAP 1.4 or later which does not yet work with POLYMAP3!

2. Install RAP (install RAP target)

2.1 Download and install RAP

This step is needed only if you did not used the download link above to install Eclipse. This package already contains RAP. You can skip this step if you used the download link above to install Eclipse.

2.2 Install RAP target

  • open Cheat Sheets view: Window -> Other -> Cheat Sheets
  • select RAP Target Installation from view menu (in the top right corner of the view)
  • execute the cheat sheet

3. Install EGit

In order to get the sources from Git repositories you need to add EGit to your Eclipse installation. The above download link to Eclipse 3.6 does not contain it out of the box. Install it via:

For later Eclipse version use the Eclipse Marketplace to install the EGit feature.

Get the POLYMAP3 Source Code

0. Required libraries for Ant scripts

Required libraries are fetched from Maven repositories via the Ant build files. In order to get this working 2 Maven jars from plugins/org.polymap.core.libs/lib-static have to be added to the Ant classpath of Eclipse. This is done in Eclipse:

  • Preferences->Ant->Runtime->Global Entries
  • add:
    • org.polymap.core.libs/lib-static/maven-2.0.9-uber.jar
    • org.polymap.core.libs/lib-static/maven-ant-tasks-2.0.10.jar

1. Core Plugins

Note: During first build required libraries are fetched from Maven repositories. This may take some time as it downloads about 50MB of jar files. You may check progress by opening the console in Eclipse.

2. Qi4j Modelling Framework

3. Check required libraries

Required libraries are fetched from Maven repositories via the Ant build files.'

The Ant scripts create lib folders within the bundles. You can re-run these build files from within Eclipse manually if the lib folders and/or the jars are missing. Please remove the lib folder beforehand if necessary in order to force the Ant script to actually download anything.



 Ask the forum if you encounter any problems.

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