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POLYMAP3 is a multi-user workbench for geospatial data (GIS). It provides a sophisticated desktop-like user interface running entirely in your browser. And, as a server based solution, POLYMAP3 allows to directly publish spatial data using open standards such as OGC:WMS, OGC:WFS and WebDAV.

POLYMAP3 is written in Java and build on top of  Eclipse/OSGi and  GeoTools. It uses the Eclipse Workbench, parts of uDig and  OpenLayers for the user interface. GeoServer is fully integrated to provide  OGC services.

The development of POLYMAP3 is an open effort. Everybody is welcome to help building an extensible open source software platform for all kind of geospatial data and functions.

For further information about development please contact  Falko Bräutigam.







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About this Project

POLYMAP3 was started as a project of  Landkreis Mittelsachsen and  Polymap GmbH to build SDI/INSPIRE components for municipal departments in germany together with an OSM based atlas, which is now online at  http://mittelsachsen-atlas.de. Read more about origins, motivation and goals...

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