Welcome to POLYMAP3 | Atlas

The Atlas project has been started as part of the  POLYMAP3 effort to create an integrated server to handle spatial data and spatial infrastructure. The Atlas provides a simple yet powerfull portal web client and full text search capabilities.

Atlas Features

The Atlas provides a simple yet powerful  Web client based on OpenLayers. Besides the web client the Atlas provides a HTTP search API. Using this service other web applications can use the advanced search capabilities of the Atlas.

Every data source that is configured in the Workbench can be used in the Atlas. The features are cached in a Lucene index for fast access and advanced full text search capabilities.

The Atlas is a plugin for the POLYMAP3 server. As such it is fully integrated into the Workbench. Configuring data, schemas, appearance is all done in the Workbench. The Atlas plugin provides a new project called "Atlas". All data of the project get deployed to the Atlas automatically after saving changes in the Workbench.



A meeting point. Every user can create meeting points in the Atlas.

Wind power plant locations in Mittelsachsen.


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